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2009 GRC MVP Awards

The GRC Group was pleased to honor the following professionals for their outstanding work during 2009.  (Finalist(s) have been listed below in ascending order by last name.)

Winners and Finalists

Category: Finance and/or Accounting

Winner: David Chavez, Global Assurance Manager, Dell, Inc.

Finalist: Farooq Azhar, Fiscal Director, Beanstalk
Finalist: Zabihollah Rezaee, Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence and Professor of Accountancy, University of Memphis
Finalist: Deborah Whitmee, Head of Risk Management, Travelport

Category: Internal Audit & Assurance

Winner: Jeff Sterling, Director of Internal Control, Santander Consumer USA

Finalist: Carlos Gomez-Pinto, Chief Corporate Auditor, Pacific Rubiales Energy Corporation
Finalist: Anik Mankar, Practice Head - IT Consulting Services, Systems Plus Solutions
Finalist: Dipak Shah, CEO, President & Founder, Reliant Solutions, Inc.

Category: Information Technology

Winner: Jeffrey Taylor, Director, IT Internal Audit, Cardtronics

Finalist: Michael Bargerhuff,  Director, Ethics & Compliance Shared Services, Apollo Group, Inc.
Finalist: John Fulgaro, Sr. Director Technology Management Operations, Blackhawk Network, Inc.

Category: General Management

Winner: Kristen Drobnis, SVP Risk Management, MassDevelopment

Finalist: Sean Lyons, Principal, R.I.S.C. International (Ireland)
Finalist: Ruth Price, VP Compliance, Saxon
Finalist: Rick Ramsey, Global Compliance Manager, Convergys Corporation

Phil Wilson, Founder & Chairman, RuleSphere International, Inc.