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The Challenge of Team Training

We know that training many people across an organization can be a logistical headache. Sending staff members to trainings can leave you short-staffed and eat up your training budget. Yet staggering trainings can cause part of your team to be on one page, while the rest is on another page. Team members who have been to training may be eager to implement what they’ve learned, while those who aren’t yet trained don’t have the knowledge base to be agents of positive change. The result? Lost productivity, waning enthusiasm, and change at a glacial pace.

Let Us Come to You

The GRC Group can provide you with an on-site training program that fits the specific needs of your organization. Using our SOX, GRC, or IS/IT-GRC classes as a foundation, we can build a training program that works for you. Whether your team consists of 8 people or 80 people, we work with your schedule and your business goals, making our programs the preferred alternative to off-site training.

Our Value Proposition

When we train your entire team at your place of business, your organization not only reaps the benefits of the knowledge we pass along, but also garners added value through synergistically supporting your organizational goals. Here are just a few examples:

  • Flexibility – Instead of taking team members away from their duties for five full days of training (plus travel time), we can slice-and-dice our training programs into timeframes that work for you. For example, we can deliver training over the course of a quarter by coming to your site for two days each month.
  • Savings – On site training can typically be delivered at half the cost of off-site training – and that doesn’t take into account savings for travel, lodging, and meals.
  • Getting Everyone on Board – When your entire team hears the same message from the same source at the same time, staff members will work together to implement what they’ve learned. You won’t have to worry about the debates and pushback that so often occurs when some members are trained and others aren’t.
  • Single Set of Standards – While there may be several ways to implement SOX and GRC, your organization will run much more smoothly if everyone sees the issue through the same prism. We’ve spent years developing and refining the evolving best practices in SOX and GRC, and your team can make a smooth transition from learning to implementation when they’re all on the same page.
  • Customization – Even our standard class agenda enables us to deliver training and case studies that apply to your industry. It’s likely that we even have an instructor who has work experience in your industry. If you desire greater customization, we’re happy to tailor our training to fit your needs.
  • Ongoing Evaluation – Because we can deliver training in bite-sized chunks, we can leverage our expertise to monitor your team’s progress in implementing what they’ve learned.

In today’s competitive marketplace and in the ever-increasing regulatory environment, it’s more important than ever to ensure that teams are working together to meet organizational goals. With the GRC Group’s on-site training, you can increase team productivity, improve performance, and efficiently implement best practices – while enjoying the flexibility and customization of our programs.

Take the First Step

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a dynamic, flexible, cost-effective approach to team learning, simply complete the form below. We will contact you today, or by the next business day at the latest, with more information.

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