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Recognized Leadership. Respected Authority.
Tireless Dedication.

Since 2003, the GRC Group has maintained its position at the leading edge in the domain of governance, risk, and compliance. The organization’s staunch commitment to developing best practices and sharing its expertise with businesses and professionals worldwide has established the GRC Group as a global leader in this ever-evolving field.

The GRC Group’s educational efforts, ongoing research, and consulting services have formed the foundation upon which the group has successfully built the most comprehensive knowledge repository and only certification programs available on governance, risk, and compliance. Through the SOX Institute and the GRC Institute, the GRC Group accelerates professional education and provides its members with unparalleled peer-to-peer learning opportunities, world-class instruction, and advanced materials.

Taking the Torch. Leading the Way. Shaping the Future.

After the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX Act) was signed into law, publicly held companies were thrust into the position of understanding and adhering to new regulations governing internal controls, financial reporting, and accountability. Recognizing the value of the SOX Act, and that compliance depended upon correctly interpreting and implementing these regulations, in 2003 Sanjay Anand founded the Sarbanes-Oxley Group. The goal was straightforward: to disseminate reliable information and training to professionals involved in SOX Act compliance.

In the following year, the Group self-published its flagship book, Sarbanes-Oxley Guide for Finance and Information Technology Professionals, which became Amazon’s self-publishing division's #1 bestseller for 2004. This seminal book was published by John Wiley & Sons in 2005, and continues to sell briskly to those seeking an authoritative voice on SOX Act compliance.

Identifying the need for training standardization, in 2005 the group was christened as the SOX Institute, and began providing professional education and certifications. The following year, the Institute underwent a global expansion, serving Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region through a network of partners. In 2007, the organization added the GRC Institute, to better reflect the broad scope of the association’s services and products.

In 2008, the organization expanded and became the GRC Group, to encompass their research, education, and advisory services.