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First Book in Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge Series Hits the Shelves

This past fall, the GRC Group proudly announced the publication of the first book in The SOX Institute’s Sarbanes-Oxley Body of Knowledge (SOXBoK™) series, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: An Introduction.

SOXBoK™ is the culmination of nearly three years of work by a dedicated team of thought leaders and experts in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. We consider it our flagship publication, and are thrilled that the book is receiving accolades from practitioners.

SOXBoK™ was written and edited so that it is accessible to everyone from novices to those who are recognized professionals in audit-related fields.

We give kudos to the team of researchers, writers, and editors, whose contributions to SOXBoK™ led to the creation of this authoritative, comprehensive compendium on the SOX Act. They include:

  • Kim Czarniewy, EP Medical Systems, F&A
  • Josie De Marco, PMP, Project Management Office, USA, IT
  • Beth Anne Fellenz, Senior Auditor, I&E Audit
  • Isaac Toyin Gbenle, MBA, CSOX-IT, ESPN, Inc., L&C
  • Kathy Glynn, CPA, Gap Resources, LLP SOX Compliance Consulting, I&E Audit Team Lead
  • John LaCagnina, CSOX, CISA, PMP, CobiT certified, MCSE, MCIPT, AI, Auditor/Security and Compliance Analyst, SOXBoK Board
  • Johna Ledlow, PMP, CSOXP, Project Manager, IT
  • Debra Noel, EDS, F&A
  • Jim O'Keeffe, PMP, CISM, CDP, SPV America, Project Leader
  • Richard Mays Owen, PMP, PhD, Richard Owen International, L&C Team Leader
  • Robert Schwind, MBA, CSOXP, CISA, GKBN Technologies, Inc, SOXBoK Board
  • Cindy South, PMP, Yellow Book USA, D&W
  • Heather Turner, CAPM, Olympic Health Management Systems, D&W

In addition, a team of reviewers fine-tuned the book so that it captured both the broad strokes of the SOX Act as well as the details of each title and section. The reviewers included:

  •  Ana María Rita Carrizo, Public Accountant, CIA, CISA, Deloitte & Co.
  • Carol S. Cesareo, CSOXP, CIA Candidate, PharmaNet
  • Norman L. Comstock, Jr., CIA, CISA, CISSP, CSOXP, CCSA, UHY Advisors
  • Rena L. Hall, CSOXP, CICS, Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc.
  • Norman Kromberg, CISA, National Bank Examiner, CQA, Before It's Time Inc.
  • Jack D.Leidecker, CISA, CISSP, CISM, CBM, CSOXP, NSA-IAM,
  • Kent Leipold, M.B.A., C.B.M., Texas Department of Transportation
  • Alice Peterson
  • Kohila R, ACA,CFA,MBA, Atlantis Management Services
  • Brenda Wynne, CSOXP, Alcon Laboratories

This first installment of SOXBoK™ gives those who have responsibility for implementing Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulations actionable information and guidance. We’re thrilled that we fulfilled our mission of writing this book “by practitioners, for practitioners.”